Govan loyalist band refuses to withdraw marches after request from Glasgow City Council


The Pride of Govan Flute Band’s event, which is set to attract up to 800 marchers, will go ahead despite council officials asking organisers to call the parade off. 

The march is one of four loyalist parades taking place throughout the city on Saturday, which will go ahead after an announcement by the council that a public processions committee would not take place. 

Bosses at the council now say, in the case of the Pride of Govan Flute Band, this is because police warned there could be serious disorder if the procession is prevented. 

However, they have also said they would be able to police it either way.

Last week, a decision was taken to prohibit all parades through the city over the weekend, with six loyalist and republicans events not held. 

However, loyalist and protestant groups gathered for a protest at George Square, claiming the move was ‘illegal’. 

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council has now said they were put in an ‘impossible position’. 

He added: “The council has been placed in an impossible position in relation to the parade in Govan.

“We deeply regret that the wider community in Govan will be subject to this disruption. However, police have made it absolutely clear that this could be made worse if these people are not allowed to march.  

“The council has asked the organisers to voluntarily withdraw this notification, which they have refused to do.”

Earlier today, it was confirmed the marches would be allowed to go ahead, despite police warning ‘some form of protest and disorder’ was likely if the events were banned. 

Council officials in Glasgow have now appealed for those in charge to reconsider their decision and call off the march. 

A spokesman for the council added: “Today, we are directly appealing to them to reconsider that decision and think about the impact of their actions on the community in Govan and on tensions across the city.

“We also call on other groups not to mount protests against the march.”

On Tuesday, the Pride of Govan Flute Band announced on Facebook that this weekend’s parade would go ahead. 

Band members have pleaded with those attending to remain ‘dignified’, claiming they will be under increased scrutiny after weeks of violence at parades and a protest last weekend, held by Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination (SPAD). 

A spokesperson for the Pride of Govan Flute Band wrote: “The Pride of Govan Flute Band are pleased to confirm that our Annual Band Parade will take place on Saturday 21st September as planned.

“Due to circumstances outwith our control we will now be leaving from the Broomloan road end of Ibrox Stadium at our original time of 10am, following a slightly different route to our traditional one, stopping at the Cenotaph to lay a wreath and hold a short service to pay homage to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to secure us the freedom we enjoy to this day.

“We invite the Protestant, unionist and loyalist (PUL) community to come along and enjoy the parade, we also ask that you respect our culture and conduct yourselves in a dignified manner.

“After the events of recent weeks, all eyes will be on us, all of us. Do not give our opponents or the authorities reason to question the PUL community.”

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