Loyalists to protest Republican march in Glasgow sparking fears of more disorder

UK Today

News / Glasgow / UK Republican group Cairde Na Heireann will march to Clyde Street on Saturday and Loyalists are being urged to assemble at the same spot in social media posts saying “no IRA on our streets”.

Loyalists are planning a counter protest at a Republican march in Glasgow on Saturday sparking fears more violent clashes could erupt following last Friday’s riot in Govan.

Republican group Cairde Na Heireann – who call themselves Scotland’s Irish Republican Voice – are due to set off on a parade from Millroad Street in the the Calton at around 2pm.

The march will snake its way through the Gallowgate area and down to Clyde Street where a ceremony will be held at the anti-fascist La Pasionaria monument beside the river.

And Loyalists are now planning a similar counter protest on the Clydeside ahead of the latest Republican march on Saturday.

Posts have been shared on social media saying “no IRA on our streets” and calling for Loyalists to assemble at the Broomielaw/Clyde Street area at 2.30pm.


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