Pricks takes to the road again with Autumn tour


Pricks takes to the road again with Autumn tour

Darlington actress Jade Byrne, 34, takes her biographical stage play, Pricks, on the road again this October with a brief excursion across the UK.

Beginning with a closed performance and post show Q&A in Mirfield and finishing as the key-note speaker at the Children with Diabetes Conference in Daventry the actress, who also releases her debut children’s book on World Diabetes Day on November 14, will visit Bournemouth, Darlington and Guildford.

It’s a perfect end to a year which has seen Jade, who has television credits on shows such as Inspector George Gently and Casualty, be announced as a ‘Celebrity Ambassador’ with the JDRF, and a DEXCOM Warrior during the Spring leg of her Pricks tour, the celebrity status coming much to her continued amusement.

“It was a really fantastic tour and an overwhelming success,” admitted Jade looking back at the first leg of touring. 

“I performed Pricks to lots of sold-out venues in front of some really lovely audiences containing some fabulous people, and to be afforded those two honours, from the JRDF and DEXCOM, was amazing. 

“I still find the ‘celebrity’ status with the JDRF hilarious because to me, I’m not one.

“I’m really proud of it though and thrilled to have been asked as I love raising both awareness of, and funds for (she raised over £1700 during the tour), Type 1 Diabetes and the charity itself whilst becoming a DEXCOM Warrior, that’s another privilege and I was over-the-moon when they asked me.

“In fact, when I performed Pricks at TADTalk 2019 in London, that is what I wanted to come from my going there, or maybe it’s just the name, I don’t know.”

In preparing for a lengthier tour in 2020 this small smattering of dates keeps the actress active during the second half of this year.

Taking in trips to Bournemouth and Guildford, alongside the home show in Darlington, and the two closed performances, excites Jade, who has also created a fantastic range of products to accompany her brand.

She added: “If you’d asked me a year ago whether I thought I’d be taking Pricks on its fourth tour, I’d have probably laughed.

“But here I am and with another two tours booked in for 2020 too.

“I am thrilled to be taking Pricks to more towns and spreading the word far and wide.

“It teaches the audience’s so much but not like a lecture, you don’t even realise how much you’re learning because you’re too busy laughing or maybe crying.

“I’m so happy that Pricks continues to educate people through entertainment with the main emphasis always being on entertainment.”

You can catch Jade Byrne’s performance of Pricks on the following dates – Bournemouth (October 12), Darlington (October 14) and Guildford (October 17), alongside the Mirfield and Daventry outings.

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